• Paul Hunter

       In Episode 47 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes CBC Foreign Correspondant, Paul Hunter to the show.  Paul talks about his upbrining in North York, he's passion for journalism and how it led him from Wingham, Ontario to Washington, D.C. 

      He also discusses covering Donald Trump, U.S stories and other world events he has covered over the years. 

    Plus he gives some advice to journalists starting off in the field OR wanting to get started so get enlightened as Paul Hunter is this weeks guest on Tobin Tonight

  • Rick Mercer

       In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats with  a 25 Gemini Award winner, A man who was appointed an officer in the Order of Canada and inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame. Oh and it's all one person, who is also a fellow Newfoundlander born in the same month as this host, THAT's THE TAKE AWAY here.

      Rick Mercer  joings the show to talk about  his career from 22 Minutes to Talking to Americans to the Rick Mercer Report.  Rick opens up about his relationship with the late Gord Downey, what he plans on doing after the Rick Mercer Report ends in April and what he enjoyed about the show.  He also gives a funny story on how an American President  would not due press with CBC due to his show,  or SO HE WAS TOLD, it's a great story.  So Tune In. 

  • Adrienne Arsenault

        In Episode 41, Tobin chats with Adrienne Arsenault to talk about becoming one of the new faces of the National. We discuss her career, how she got her foot in the door at the CBC (it's a funny story) and some tips she is learning as she takes on a new role in hosting. 

    So enjoy the episode and just click play!

  • Ian Hanomansing

       In Episode 38 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats with Ian Hanomansing on growing up in Sackville, New Brunswick, his early start in broadcasting and how he got to the CBC. 

       We also talk to Ian on his excitement to get started with the new National, the move from Vancouver to Toronto and why CBC went with 4 hosts instead of the usual one or two that Canadians are use to. 

    So go ahead, listen in and learn more about Ian Hanomansing.

  • Rosemary Barton

       In Episode 37 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin talks  to Rosemary Barton about how she got into politics, what she looks forward to doing with the new show and she gives us a more in detail description of how the show is going to work. 

       We also find out more interests of Rosemary, for instance did you know she would like to interview musicians and loves to laugh? 

    Find out more by listening to the episode.

  • Andrew Chang

       In Episode 35 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats  with Andrew Chang about gearing up to become one of the new faces of the National.  We discuss his career and how he landed his first role at CBC in Montreal and how that led him to Vancouver and now here. 

       Andrew also explains what he is most excited about with the new format and much more. So go ahead and press play on this episode!

  • Kevin Newman

       In Episode 27, Tobin chats with CTV's own Kevin Newman. Kevin talks about his broadcasting career and how it started being a news director for a university station to his first break at Global News to moving down south to work with ABC news. All that is discussed and more. 

      Kevin also gives us insight on the importance of failure and how that can lead to success, how he thinks from his experience you move up the journalist ladder and we finish it off by talking to Kevin on his son Alex and their relationship. Both wrote a book called "All Out: A Father and Son Confront the Hard Truths That Made Them Better Men" 

    So why are you wasting your time reading the description, GO LISTEN!

  • Lisa LaFlamme

      In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats with the very talented CTV Senior Chief Correspondent and News Anchor, Lisa LaFlamme. Lisa talks to us about her career, how she began in the industry, her start at University of Ottawa (I held back my anger) and we find out her favorite interviews and somethings we don't know about Lisa.

       Lisa also talks about jumping to Canada AM in 2001 and how the events of 9/11 brought her right back into reporting.  It's a good episode but hey I'm bias when it comes to my own podcast. 

  • Peter Mansbridge

       In this episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats  with CBC's Chief Correspondent and anchor of their flagship show, The National, Peter Mansbridge. Peter talks about his career starting in Manitoba and how he ended up becoming the anchor on The National. 

      Tobin also find  Peter's fun side in being imitated by Mark Critch and doing voice work as Peter Moosebridge on Disney's Zootipa.  Peter also tells us what's next after The National. 
    So what are you waiting for go listen!


  • Wendy Mesley

        In Episode 15, Tobin welcomes CBC Reporter and Anchor, Wendy Mesley to the show. 

       Wendy talks to us about her beginnings in media, her first job and how  she feels women are betrayed in the media. She believes women have come along way and she is living proof.

       Fun Fact:  Wendy was the first female correspondent to cover the Prime Minister from the parlimentary press gallery for CBC's The National. 

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