• Jenna Nation

      In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes R&B Singer Jenna Nation to the show.  The two talk about how Jenna came up with the name,  her new song Roses and about being Canadian.   

      Jenna also explains how due to apps like Spotify, soundcloud, iTunes and internet radio she has found and built a following outside of Canada.  Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Check out this podcast an learn something new. 

  • 17 Memphis

        In Episode 91 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats with Felix Snow and Chelsea Todd (17 Memphis) about how they are handling COVID, their music and latest projects and the meaing behind the name. 

       It's an opposites attract dynamic which makes for a fun interview.  How do they view music? Who inspired them? Do they like being classified as pop country?  

       Listen to find out. 

  • Ian Casselman

       In this episode, Tobin chats with Ian Casselman of the Canadian band, Marianas Trench.  Ian explains how he joined the band thanks to an ad in the paper, Josh's quick wit and smarts and gives some insightful opinions on social media and cancel culture. 

      Of course he also talks about the bands music and explains the importance of Much Music to the bands career,  being honest and reaching out to your fans. 

  • Sarah Wickett

       In this weeks episode Tobin chats with Ontario Singer/ Songwriter , Sarah Wickett.  Sarah talks  about her new song What We Do and her EP.  She explains how she traded in her pen and paper for well a pen and paper and guitar.  Sarah orignally went to Ryerson for journalism but decided to pursue her passion in music, that's what I mean. 

       She talks about how she would practice Christina Aguilera songs and like many other young Canadian artists, she found her calling for country pop through Shania Twain and the album Up.   So check out the latest episode of the podcast to learn more about this young artist. 

  • Alee

       In Episode 80 of Tobin tonight, Tobin welcomes Alee to the podcast, where she talks about her album, her new song and how she feels she's the odd one out in country (in a funny way).  

       Alee and Tobin also bond over technology and how things have changed and the music they listened to growing up. 

    Alee even discusses her COLLAGE wall. 

    Listen to find out more. 

  • Mike Ruby

       In Episode 79 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes Toronto born singer, Mike Ruby to the podcast.  Mike talks about his new EP, "You Wrote These Songs",  his love of John Mayer and how his background in jazz has helped him further his career. 

       Mike and Tobin also talk about life in Canada v.s America and share a few laughs with some stories of their experiences being Canadian. 

    Listen In and Enjoy

  • Olivia Lunny

       In Episode 77 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes Season 2 Launch Winner, Olivia Lunny to the show.   Olivia chats about her time at the Launch, being mentored by Jann Arden and we talk about her new song and album.

    Olivia gets some advice from Tobin about not worrying what people label you in music and they play a game of "How Canadian" 

    Check It Out

  • Coleman Hell

       In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes Coleman Hell to the show to talk his new album, "Show Em" ,  and his new song.  Coleman talks growing up in Thunder Bay and NOT playing hockey and creating a band of friends that stick together called Sideways. 

      Coleman also plays a game of How Canadian with Tobin and we find out what a certain bar in Canada would once allow as ID and a payment method, It's VERY Canadian. Enjoy

  • Tyler Shaw

        In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes Canadian Singer Tyler Shaw to the podcast to discuss how he created the Stronger Together video with 25 Canadian artists with his friend Fefe Dobson. He discusses how the project came to be, the work behind it and what he hopes the song will do. 

       We also talk about how he got into the music business and how a friend from his UPEI days is a major reason why he's here.  So why not, Check out the episode

  • Josh Noble

       In Episode 69 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats with Larkins front man Josh Noble. Josh talks about forming the band, how he is handling self isolation and the band creating their own merchandise and more. All the way from the United Kingdom, ladies and gentleman enjoy the interview with Josh.

    YES WE ARE HAVING FUN on the Podcast! Thanks for Asking. 

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