• Michael Landsberg

        In Part 1: Tobin chats  with Michael Landsberg on his career in Sports Broadcasting. 

       We find out how he ended up at TSN, hosting Off The Record (OTR) and what some of his most memorable moments are from the show. 

    Fun Fact: It is the longest running sports talk show to date (September 8, 1997 – December 18, 2015). 

    All this can be heard by listening to THIS episode!


       Part 2: Tobin chats with Michael Landsberg about raising Mental Health Awareness, Sick Not Weak and how it all started with a guest on Off the Record (OTR) and fan support. 

       We get personal with Landsberg and discuss his depression and how he copes with it day to day. He talks to us on why he spoke out and what he feels society needs to do to help those suffering. 

       We also talk about how he feels when Mental Health is used as a scapegoat for school or mass shootings. 

    Check It Out 

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