• Ken Reid

       In Episode 90 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats with Sportsnet Central Host, Ken Reid. They talk growing up in the East Coast, Hockey Cards and how Ken came up with the ideas for his books based on them. 

        Ken also tells his "journeyman" story of how he went from the east coast to west coast to landing his job with Sportsnet. The title may be odd, but you'll understand it once you hear the "How Canadian" part of the episode. So Enjoy.

  • Jay Malone

        In Episode 20, Tobin talks to Kentville Comedian and Writer,  Jay Malone. Jay talks about his career  in stand up, and how it started on a dare back in university. That dare  that led him to finding his way to Just For Laughs and eventually to L.A. 

       We also talk to Jay about his other passions such as writing children's book and how that all came to be. He also talks about one book he wrote with a character the world knows all to well about. It's NOT Donald Duck! 

    So sit back, relax and tune in as two east coasters talk comedy and career.

  • Heather Rankin


        In Episode 2 of Tobin Tonight, Tobin talks to Heather Rankin about her solo career, what she was planning to do before joining the Rankin Family and her nickname among her siblings.  

       Heather talks about her ECMA success and being nominated for a Juno. She also opens up about her late sister Raylene and the impact that had on her. 

       Similar to brother Jimmy, I first noticed Heather through radio and music television channels. This interview I really enjoyed as Heather was a great guest, very open, warm, and witty.  

    Check it Out. 


  • Jimmy Rankin

      In the very first episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin talks to fellow east coaster, Jimmy Rankin. 

      Jimmy talks about The Rankin Family, their success and how the band formed. Jimmy opens up about his late brother John and about  moving on to become a solo artist.   

     I loved Jimmy Rankin, growing up in Newfoundland  I would hear his tunes on the radio and see his videos on CMT and Much More Music.  Seeing Jimmy succeed gave me hope that even in small places you can make noise.

     Check out the episode to hear two east coasters having a fun chat :) 

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