• Shantaia

     In this week's episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes Canadian Country Singer, Shantaia to the show. Shantaia and Tobin dive into a range of topics.  Topics include the power of music labels and how they may affect an artist's creativity,  why she turned down auditioning for The Voice, and how Martina McBride and Maren Morris have left an impact on her career. 

       We also talk about Shantaias move to Nashville and her most embarrassing moment.  Don't worry I share mine as well, we don't leave her hanging.

    Check It Out Here: https://youtu.be/r8T16vq-QbE

  • Sarah Wickett

       In this week's episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes back Sarah Wickett to the show.  It has been roughly over a year since we last chatted with Sarah,  how has she handled COVID, what has she been doing to keep busy? How about releasing new music? 

    Glad you asked as Sarah talks about her new song and music video for Momma's Boy, how she edited the video herself, and how she is learning Punjabi.   She also tells a funny sea doo story and how she once was a celebrity chaser.  

    All this and more can be found in this episode. 

    Watch Here:


  • Parker Graye

    In this weeks episode, Tobin welcomes Canadian singer and songwriter, Parker Graye to the show.  Parker and Tobin talk a whole variety of topics.  They touch on mental health awareness during and after the pandemic,  cancel culture, and whether you can seperate an artist's music from their actions (R.Kelly, Chris Brown, Morgan Wallen). 

    Parker and Tobin also poke some fun at a certain gift Tobin was given by a country artist.   Check out the episode and laugh as hard and as often as these two did. 

  • Carolina East

      In this week's episode of Tobin tonight, we welcome Carolina East to the show. Carolina talks about how she got into music, performing in a cover band and eventually making the move to go solo.   Carolina talks about rejection and how hard it is to receive "No's" and just trying to remain positive. 


    We also touch on Carolina finding out she is indigenous and how she is trying her best to learn more about the culture and become a voice in the community. 

    Check It Out Now:



  • Olivia Rose

     In this week's episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes Canadian Country Singer, Olivia Rose to the show.  Olivia talks about how she got her start in country music,  how COVID impacted her music career, and her song, "Gold" and we play a fun game of firsts. 

      We also talk some 90's / 2000's content, so relax and enjoy the episode. 

  • Broadtree

       In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin chats with Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty (better known as Broadtree).  The two talk about how they coped during the pandemic,  how that pandemic leads to creating this duo and how that in turn lead to months of rushing to get things done and in order. 

        Armand and Nicole also talk about their own personal struggles with Mental Health and the importance for them to be a voice for others and to let them know they are not fighting alone. 

       We also ask the TOUGH questions like why so many Taylor Swift covers and how did "Broadtree Does..." become a thing.   Check it Out! 

  • Kailey Nicole

     In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight,  Tobin welcomes Kailey Nicole to the show.  Kailey talks about how she got her interest in music, her acting background and gives a really indepth comparsion of music and football using Tom Brady (hence the name of the episode)

      Kailey also talks about her song/video for "Aim A Little Higher" , her love of Hilary Duff and the double edge sword that is social media.  It's a fun bubbly interview that clues up with a game of Firsts, so why not check it all out! 

  • Paige Rutledge

      In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, Tobin welcomes Canadian Country Singer, Paige Rutledge to the show.  Paige talks about her latest song, Broken Record and where she hopes the song leads her.  She also talks about idolizing Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood and Shaina Twain and how it was actually a sombre moment in her life that led her into this career. 

       We also play a game with Paige called "Turning the Paige" which even Paige admits was her favorite part.  So why not check it out. 

    Watch Here:



  • Jess and Tay

    In this weeks episode of Tobin Tonight, we welcome Jess and Tay to the show. The duo talk about how they formed, performing at Boots and Hearts for the first time, being compared to another act of a similar name and we create a new month called OcNover.

      We also talk some music and how they found out they were nominated for CMA Ontario Group of the Year, it's a great episode to check out, so go ahead and listen.

    Check the Video Here:



  • Abigale

     In this East Coast Music Award Week Special of Tobin Tonight, we welcome Abigale to the show.  Abigale is a country folk singer from Hodge's Cove, Newfoundland.  In this episode Abigale talked about jow she got into country music, the instruments she can play,  how she is handling COVID and how she was excited to go to Nova Scotia for the ECMA's and how they plan to do her perfomance now due to COVID. 

      We also go off on different topics such as Blues Clues,  HEY any topic can pop up on Tobin Tonight.   Listen Now. 

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