• Dean Brody

    In Episode 30, Tobin chats with Dean about his success at the CCMA's where earlier this month he added to his collected with another three, giving him 16 CCMA Awards and 2 Juno's. He talked about his music career and gives his opinion on old country vs new country music and explains how fun it was to be in Newfoundland and working with Alan Doyle. So don't just sit there, go listen!

  • Jay Onrait

    In Episode 29, Tobin talks with TSN's own Jay Onrait. Jay discusses the new show and podcast, his experience down at Fox Sports and his career. We also ask him what we can expect from the show once Hockey season starts and what prompted him to write his books, Anchorboy and Number Two. So stop reading and start listening!

  • Adam Gregory

    In Episode 28, Tobin chats with Canadian Country singer Adam Gregory on his music career, starting way back as a young teen to his upcoming new album, with the song, Dirt Road Therapy. Adam talks about his older songs such as Horse Shoes, Big Star and No Vacancies and how they still get brought up today and he tells us about his first time meeting Billy Ray Cyrus. Adam also discusses what he thinks about country music today and who are some of his favorite acts

  • Kevin Newman

    In Episode 27, Tobin chats with CTV's own Kevin Newman. Kevin talks about his broadcasting career and how it started being a news director for a university station to his first break at Global News to moving down south to work with ABC news. All that is discussed and more. Kevin also gives us insight on the importance of failure and how that can lead to success, how he thinks from his experience you move up the journalist ladder and we finish it off by talking to Kevin on his son Alex and…

  • Kate Todd

    In Episode 26, Tobin chats with Kate Todd, also known as Shady Lane from the Canadian television show RFR (Radio Free Roscoe). Kate tells us how she got the part, how the cast got their names and some of her favorite memories of the show. She also tells us what she thought a revival could look like. We also talk to Kate about her solo music career and how that is going. Who she looks up to,and who she would like to work with.

  • Tom Power

    In Episode 25, Tobin chats with CBC Q Host, Tom Power on his career in radio, his start at CBC and how he is adjusting to being the new host of the Q. We also discuss a former host of the Q and how uncomfortable questions and situations can sometimes give you good material or things you can learn from.

  • Michael Landsberg

    In Episode 23, Tobin chats with Michael Landsberg on his career in Sports Broadcasting. We find out how he ended up at TSN, hosting Off The Record (OTR) and what some of his most memorable moments are from the show. Fun Fact: It is the longest running sports talk show to date (September 8, 1997 – December 18, 2015). All this can be heard by listening to THIS episode! In Episode 24, Tobin chats with Michael Landsberg about raising Mental Health Awareness, Sick Not Weak and how it all …

  • Hendersin

    In Episode 22, Tobin chats with Hendersin. Hendersin is a hip hop artist from Massachusetts. He chats about his career, his influences, how he got started and who he would like to team up with someday. We also chat with Hendersin on issues that are happening in the States such as Police Brutality and how he feels about artists using the N word. So stop reading and starting listening, It's a great episode!

  • Jeremy Hotz

    In Episode 21, Tobin chats with one of Canada's greatest stand up comedians, Jeremy Hotz. If you ever watched Just For Laughs you may have seen his act. He started in his hometown of Ottawa and has been on Letterman and Leno. Jeremy Hotz discusses his career in comedy, his act and other projects he was involved in.

  • Jay Malone

    In Episode 20, Tobin talks to Kentville Comedian and Writer Jay Malone. Jay talks about his career in stand up, and how it started on a dare back in university. That dare that led him to finding his way to Just For Laughs and eventually to L.A. We also talk to Jay about his other passions such as writing children's book and how that all came to be. He also talks about one book he wrote with a character the world knows all to well about. It's NOT Donald Duck! So sit back, relax and tune in as…

  • Harnarayan Singh

    In Episode 19 of the podcast, Tobin talks to CBC's Hockey Night in Punjabi Play by Play Announcer Harnarayan Singh. The man who made all present and future Nick Bonino goals legendary (or any goal he calls really). We chat with Harnarayan on his career, his love for hockey, and what it is like growing up a Sikh in Canada. Is it better now than it was when his great grandfather came to Canada? All this and more on Tobin Tonight!

  • Lisa LaFlamme

    In Episode 18 of the podcast, Tobin chats with the very talented CTV Senior Chief Correspondent and News Anchor, Lisa LaFlamme. Lisa talks about her career, how she began in the industry, her start at University of Ottawa (I held back my anger) and we find out her favorite interviews and somethings we don't know about Lisa. Check it Out.

  • Alan Doyle

    In Episode 17, Tobin talks to Newfoundland's own, Alan Doyle about how his career began at the age of 17 with some help from a teacher, how he got involved in Great Big Sea and going solo. We also talk to Alan on being impersonated by Mark Critch, his acting career which includes Republic of Doyle and the success of Newfoundlanders. So what are you waiting for, take a listen!

  • Peter Mansbridge

    In Episode 16, Tobin chats with CBC's Chief Correspondent and anchor of their flagship show, The National, Peter Mansbridge. Peter talks about his career starting in Manitoba and how he ended up becoming the anchor on The National. Tobin also find Peter's fun side in being imitated by Mark Critch and doing voice work as Peter Moosebridge on Disney's Zootipa. Peter also tells us what's next after The National. So what are you waiting for go listen!

  • Wendy Mesley

    In Episode 15, Tobin chats with CBC Reporter and Anchor Wendy Mesley about her career. Wendy talks to us about how her beginnings, her first job and how she feels women are betrayed in the media. She believes women have come along way and she is living proof. Fun Fact: Wendy was the first female correspondent to cover the Prime Minister from the parlimentary press gallery for CBC's The National.

  • Natasha Staniszewski

    In Episode 14, Tobin chats with TSN's own Natasha Staniszewski. Natasha talks about going back to school in her mid 20's, her love of sports and who she was inspired by. We also find out how she deals with negativity on social media, her favorite part about working at TSN and how she feels women are treated in regards to the Television Industry. Take a Listen

  • Tessa Bonhomme

    In Episode 13, Tobin chats with Former Women's Hockey Gold Medalist turned TSN personality, Tessa Bonhomme. She disccuses how she believes women are seen in media and her thoughts on social media. Tessa also explains how she got into hockey and how that lead her into broadcasting.

  • James Cybulski

    In Episode 12, Tobin welcomes Sportsnet Host, James Cybulski to the show. James talks about his career in both radio and television, he talks about his time with all three platforms (TSN, Sportsnet and The Score) and we talk the Sportsnet Hockey Deal. And of course James has some great stories along the way. He's a great interview! So enjoy!

  • Mark Bennett

    In Episode 11, Tobin talks with a fellow Newfoundlander and Comedian , Mark Bennett. Mark talks about his start in comedy, crowd riffing, when a set doesn't get over and of course his podcast. Mark has performed on Just for Laughs and now resides in Toronto where he runs his own podcast called, I Said Shut Up, and even posts YouTube videos giving advice to those who want to be comedians.

  • Colin Mochrie

    In Episode 10, Tobin chats with Colin Mochrie about his journey into comedy, his friendship with Ryan Stiles and how that lead him to his career on Whose Line and meeting his wife. Colin also opens up about supporting his daughter's decision to be transgender. Will Tobin be nervous interview one of his favorite Canadians? Check out the episode to find out.

  • Jim Watson

    In Episode 9, Tobin goes Political (sort of). Tobin chats with Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson to discuss Red Bull Crashed Ice, The Juno's, and why he wants to stay the Mayor of Ottawa. Mayor Watson also discusses what he believes Ottawa needs to improve upon and why Ottawa is such a great place to live whether you are a student or a professional.

  • Petrina Bromley

    In Episode 8, Tobin talks to Petrina about her career as an actress and a music director. Petrina discusses how this lead her to the musical, "Come From Away" and the very interersting tale of how being in the right place at the right time got her the part on the hit musical. Enjoy as Two Newfoundlanders chat about a moment in time that people still remember and that holds a special place in Newfoundland, especially the town of Gander. Check out the episode to find out more.

  • Max Kerman

    In Episode 7, Tobin talks with lead vocalist and guitar player from the Hamilton band, the Arkells. Max Kerman talks about how the band was formed, juggling school and the band, his inspiration for getting into music and inspirations for songs off their album High Noon AND of course he talks about their latest album Morning Report and being part of the Juno's in Ottawa! FUN FACT: 3 Members have PoliSci Degrees from McMaster The band was once known as: Charlaman Max knows his accents!

  • Perry Chafe

    In Episode 6, Tobin talks to Newfoundland Television Writer/Producer, Perry Chafe. Perry talks about Republic of Doyle (RoD) and who chose to end it. Perry also talks about his new project that can be found on Netflix called, Frontier based on The Fur Trade and Hudson Bay. Check it Out.

  • Mark Critch

    In Episode 5, Tobin talks to This Hour Has 22 Minutes writer and actor, Mark Critch. Mark talks about his start to stardom, his Trudeau encounters, Scott Baio and his advice for young comedians and how to handle Twitter. It is a fun light hearted interview that has its serious but touching moments. Don't take my word for it, Check It Out Yourself.

  • Damian Follett

    In Episode 4 of the podcast, Tobin talks to Newfoundland Singer-Songwriter Damian Follett. Damian talks about his song, No Second Chances, and his career in the music scene. Tobin and Damian chat about making it in the new music scene and about making connections. Damian also explains the importance of giving it your all, everytime you hit the stage. Check out the episode.

  • Ennis Sisters

    In Episode 3, Tobin welcomes Maureen, Karen and Teresa Ennis of The Ennis Sisters. The Sisters talk about their upbringing, the relationship/friendship they have with Tobin and his family and how they formed the band. To conclude the episode Maureen, Karen and Tersea play a fun game where they share some sisterly love All of this and more on the podcast!

  • Heather Rankin

    In Episode 2, Tobin talks to Heather about her solo career, what she was planning to do before joining the Rankins, and her nickname among her siblings. She also talks about her ECMA success and being nominated for a Juno. Tobin also chats about her late sister Raylene and the impact that has had on her. Check it Out.

  • Jimmy Rankin

    In the debut episode of the podcast, Tobin chats with Nova Scotia legend Jimmy Rankin. Jimmy opens up about the start of The Rankin Family and their success. Jimmy also talks about writing his own songs and holding them in case he ever went solo, which he ended up doing. He explains how this all came to be and Tobin brings up his love of Followed hEr Around and Midnight Angel. Enjoy the debut episode of Tobin Tonight

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