• Dean Brody

    In Episode 30, Tobin chats with Dean about his success at the CCMA's where earlier this month he added to his collected with another three, giving him 16 CCMA Awards and 2 Juno's. He talked about his music career and gives his opinion on old country vs new country music and explains how fun it was to be in Newfoundland and working with Alan Doyle. So don't just sit there, go listen!

  • Jay Onrait

    In Episode 29, Tobin talks with TSN's own Jay Onrait. Jay discusses the new show and podcast, his experience down at Fox Sports and his career. We also ask him what we can expect from the show once Hockey season starts and what prompted him to write his books, Anchorboy and Number Two. So stop reading and start listening!

  • Adam Gregory

    In Episode 28, Tobin chats with Canadian Country singer Adam Gregory on his music career, starting way back as a young teen to his upcoming new album, with the song, Dirt Road Therapy. Adam talks about his older songs such as Horse Shoes, Big Star and No Vacancies and how they still get brought up today and he tells us about his first time meeting Billy Ray Cyrus. Adam also discusses what he thinks about country music today and who are some of his favorite acts

  • Kevin Newman

    In Episode 27, Tobin chats with CTV's own Kevin Newman. Kevin talks about his broadcasting career and how it started being a news director for a university station to his first break at Global News to moving down south to work with ABC news. All that is discussed and more. Kevin also gives us insight on the importance of failure and how that can lead to success, how he thinks from his experience you move up the journalist ladder and we finish it off by talking to Kevin on his son Alex and…

  • Kate Todd

    In Episode 26, Tobin chats with Kate Todd, also known as Shady Lane from the Canadian television show RFR (Radio Free Roscoe). Kate tells us how she got the part, how the cast got their names and some of her favorite memories of the show. She also tells us what she thought a revival could look like. We also talk to Kate about her solo music career and how that is going. Who she looks up to,and who she would like to work with.

  • Tom Power

    In Episode 25, Tobin chats with CBC Q Host, Tom Power on his career in radio, his start at CBC and how he is adjusting to being the new host of the Q. We also discuss a former host of the Q and how uncomfortable questions and situations can sometimes give you good material or things you can learn from.

  • Michael Landsberg

    In Episode 23, Tobin chats with Michael Landsberg on his career in Sports Broadcasting. We find out how he ended up at TSN, hosting Off The Record (OTR) and what some of his most memorable moments are from the show. Fun Fact: It is the longest running sports talk show to date (September 8, 1997 – December 18, 2015). All this can be heard by listening to THIS episode! In Episode 24, Tobin chats with Michael Landsberg about raising Mental Health Awareness, Sick Not Weak and how it all …

  • Hendersin

    In Episode 22, Tobin chats with Hendersin. Hendersin is a hip hop artist from Massachusetts. He chats about his career, his influences, how he got started and who he would like to team up with someday. We also chat with Hendersin on issues that are happening in the States such as Police Brutality and how he feels about artists using the N word. So stop reading and starting listening, It's a great episode!

  • Jeremy Hotz

    In Episode 21, Tobin chats with one of Canada's greatest stand up comedians, Jeremy Hotz. If you ever watched Just For Laughs you may have seen his act. He started in his hometown of Ottawa and has been on Letterman and Leno. Jeremy Hotz discusses his career in comedy, his act and other projects he was involved in.

  • Jay Malone

    In Episode 20, Tobin talks to Kentville Comedian and Writer Jay Malone. Jay talks about his career in stand up, and how it started on a dare back in university. That dare that led him to finding his way to Just For Laughs and eventually to L.A. We also talk to Jay about his other passions such as writing children's book and how that all came to be. He also talks about one book he wrote with a character the world knows all to well about. It's NOT Donald Duck! So sit back, relax and tune in as…

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