• Ken Reid

    In Episode 90, Tobin chats with Sportsnet Central Host, Ken Reid. They talk growing up in the East Coast, Hockey Cards and how Ken came up with the ideas for his books based on them. Ken also tells his "journeyman" story of how he went from the east coast to west coast to landing his job with Sportsnet. The title may be odd, but you'll understand it once you hear the "How Canadian" part of the episode. So Enjoy.

  • Ian Casselman

    In Episode 89, Tobin chats with Ian Casselman of the Canadian band, Marianas Trench. Ian explains how he joined the band thanks to an ad in the paper, Josh's quick wit and smarts and gives some insightful opinions on social media and cancel culture. Of course he also talks about the bands music and explains the importance of being honest and reaching out to your fans. Check it Out Here.

  • Adam Gregory

    In episode 88, Tobin welcomes back Adam Gregory to the show to see how Adam and his family are doing during COVID, to talk his new album and song Perfect World and to discuss the country music scene and how Adam is trying to balance his style vs the new country style.

  • NewLaw

    In Episode 87, Tobin welcomes Cayd, Ty and Dayne Greiner to the podcast. The trio of brothers talk about how they got involved in music, forming the band, NewLaw and they discuss their time on AGT (America's Got Talent). We also play a game of How Canadian and Music Matcher. Check It Out

  • Bryan Mudryk

    In Episode 86, Tobin welcomes TSN Anchor/Sportscaster Bryan Mudryk to the show. Bryan talks about his career in broadcasting and how that lead him to TSN, his love of sports but not quite being an athlete and defeating cancer not once but twice. He also has a really funny James Duthie story. Check It Out Here

  • George Stroumboulopoulos

    In Episode 85, Tobin chats with the Host of The Strombo Show, the man himself, George Stroumboulopoulos. The two chat about the glory Days of Much Music, The Hour and of course Hockey Night in Canada. It's almost an hour long interview but never a dull moment especially if you grew up loving Much Music and wanted to know more about why George left the HNIC team. Check it Out.

  • Cathy Jones

    In Episode 84, Tobin chats with Cathy Jones from This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Cathy talks about getting into comedy with the help of her brother, her time on CODCO and The Wonderful Grand Band and how this all lead to 22 Minutes. Cathy explains her relationship with Mary Walsh and how she came up with the characters she played. Check It Out.

  • Sons of Daughters

    In Episode 83, Tobin chats with Chrystal Leigh and Jimmy Thow of Sons of Daughters. They chat about being in seperate countries during COVID, how they came up with such a unique name (Jimmy has his own made up story) and who inspired/influenced their style. They also open up about their time on CTV's The Launch and what they learned from the show. Check It Out!

  • Sonshine & Broccoli

    In Episode 82, Tobin welcomes Kids Entertainers, Sonshine & Broccoli to the show. The two explain how they got into this line of work, the people they looked up to and about their album Hug Life. They also talk about going through adversity and how they have been keeping themselves busy during COVID. Check It Out

  • Sarah Wickett

    In Episode 81, Tobin chats with Ontario Singer, Sarah Wickett about her new song What We Do and her EP. Sarah explains how she got into music and how she orignally went to Ryerson for journalism. She talks about how she would practice Christina Aguilera songs and like many other young Canadian artists, she found her calling for country pop through Shania Twain and the album Up. So check out the latest episode of the podcast

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